ZeroLight wins North East Business Award for Innovation and Prepares for Finals

The world class virtual showroom technology from the ZeroLight team at Eutechnyx has been honoured with an award from the prestigious North East Business Awards. The 2014 Innovation award was presented to ZeroLight by sponsors Northstar Ventures and recognised the innovative use of technology and expertise in bringing the virtual showrooms to market.

ZeroLight has injected a new sense of innovation and excitement into the automotive retail sector with its high fidelity, interactive virtual showrooms. Taking full advantage of the ZeroLight engine’s real-time 3D rendering capabilities means a host of interactive features are opened up to automotive OEM’s to showcase their marques. As well as discovering a car through complete 360 degree freedom of movement, interactive feature spots and demonstrations users can customise cars to their exact specifications from all market-correct options. Delivering all of this on consumer grade PC hardware and at standards that future proof projects ready for emerging technologies such as 4K Ultra HD and virtual reality headsets positions ZeroLight as both the most innovative and also the world’s best provider of real-time virtual showroom technology.

Executive producer Doug Wolff, who collected the award on behalf of the ZeroLight team at Eutechnyx said: “We’re doing amazing things with ZeroLight technology and bringing innovation to lots of new industries. I’m proud of the whole team for the world-class virtual showroom technology that we have built and continue to improve on and look forward to being able to share some of our other exciting technologies with the world soon.”

Success in the North East Business Awards for the Eutechnyx ZeroLight team means that a place is secured for the Regional Finals in the Innovation category which takes place on May 1st.